Our goal is that progress in the different branches of knowledge goes hand in hand with ethical and responsible evolution, especially those who lead today in any area of social work.

We are a group of people united by the interest of putting into practice the Universal Human Values of our societies, which identify us all as humanity, giving meaning and direction to life.

We come from different professional backgrounds: some of us are university teachers; others are educators of different levels, especially middle and early childhood. There are also people who come from business and commerce backgrounds, like engineers, architects, and communication experts. Others come from the healthcare area, like doctors, psychologists, nurses, physiotherapists, etc. There are people who, without having a specific profession, have had different trainings in Human Values ​​in their respective countries, and today they carry out initiatives related to the promotion of Values.

Our nationalities cover the spectrum of our beloved Latin America. Although the headquarters are in Argentina, the countries where, for now, are representatives and affiliates are: Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Venezuela, and Mexico.


The objective of the Latin American Institute of Human Values ​​is to promote Human Values ​​in all areas of life in every Latin American country.

The Institute was formed due to the need of integrating all the people who are interested in training in the essential theme of Human Values.

We also want to gather and call people who are interested in initiating, supporting, and developing community initiatives and projects that result in the common good, in all the areas of society, like education, health, business, environment, media, etc.

This way, we make certain that the evolution of knowledge in all areas, such as science, technology, and even in the most humanistic branches, are always permeated and supported by the ancient and current source of wisdom of all great traditions and civilizations. This wisdom is represented and expressed in Values, which are beacons that illuminate and guide the destinies of both individuals and different societies. They are the values ​​of Peace, Love, Truth, Nonviolence and Righteousness. Of course, different values ​​emerge from them, such as compassion, loyalty, courage, patience, etc.

It is our goal that the progress in the different branches of knowledge goes hand in hand with the ethical and responsible evolution, especially of those who lead today in any field of social work. Thus, we can move towards real progress, where there is no separation between pure human attributes and knowledge, where there is greater integration between the need of caring for our planet, the protection of the most vulnerable people, and the advances of knowledge.


Our mission is, then, to spread Human Values, ​​and also to stimulate creativity in the development of new initiatives that identify situations of need or risk, and create a plan for their solution. In other words, create bridges and resources to help integrate our societies, closing gaps, shortening distances.


  • We have created Human Values ​​Education materials for the different age groups: children, adolescents, youth and adults.
  • We teach Human Values ​​Training Courses in a semi-distant (online and in-person) manner for teachers and professors of different educational levels.
  • All services provided by the Institute are completely free of cost for participants.